End-to-End Fleet Management Solution

Good for Business. Good for Drivers.

CPG GPS Fleet Management puts data to work for you and your drivers.

The Data You Need

The Reports You Want

OBDII Device

Plugged In / Unplugged

GPS Data

GPS Tracking or Not Tracking


Call Received / Call Made / Call Ended


Check Engine Light / Low Battery / Low Fuel / Panic Alert / Sensor Alert / Temperature Sensor / SMS SentCheck / Engine Light / Low Battery / Low Fuel / Panic Alert / Sensor Alert / Temperature Sensor / SMS Sent


Ignition On / Ignition Off


Hard Braking / Hardcore Braking


Idling Started / Idling


Sudden Acceleration / Speeding Started / Speeding / Speeding Ended / Posted Speed Limit / Idling Ended


Stopped time

The Reports You Want


View each vehicle's movement and events, point by point.

Geofense Duration

Learn when vehicles enter and exit geofenced area, and how long they stay there.


See which vehicles exceeded the speed limit as specified in your Speeding Alert settings.


Learn when and where stops were made, and if stops were made near a known landmark.


See how long a vehicle idled, where it idled, and if it idled near a known landmark.


See the number of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) reported by vehicle; drill down to view more detail about the code(s).


View fleet-wide alerts in one place, eliminating the need to sift through emails to find alerts.

State Mileage

See how many miles a vehicle has been driven by state.

Posted Speed

Based on posted speed limits, see when and where drivers were speeding.

Who Was Where

Find out where a vehicle was on a specific date or which vehicles were at a specific address.

Driver History

View vehicle-to-driver associations, including miles driven by each driver on each vehicle.

Driver Score

View drivers' scores based on individual performance and relative to other drivers. Use this report to push rewards to drivers.

Time Card

View shift and payroll information. Shift reports can be exported for further processing.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule reports to run and send automatically. Team members receive reports via email, with PDF or Excel files attached.

GPS Location Tracking

Improve the operations of business fleets. Limit errors & fraud, track purchases & mileage and more!

Driver Behavior

Address specific areas of driver behavior including timeframes, risk, and individual driver coaching.

Video Telematics

AI Dual-Facing DashCams show driver action clearly for incidences that may occur.

Vehicle Health

Receive vehicle service notifications before an issue occurs or maintenance is required.

Import/integrate your fuel usage on our CPG Fleet Card with our GPS telematics system.

Not all GPS fleet tracking solutions are the same

Safety—protect your business and drivers. There’s no question that fleet tracking is beneficial. However, if it’s costly to install, complicated to operate, and characterized as Big Brother, it loses its shine—in the office and on the road. Insist on a solution that puts your team first.

GPS Fleet Management works for you and your drivers.

CPG Fleet Management harnesses the power of GPS, vehicle diagnostics, and driver rewards to create a fleet tracking system that not only does the job, but makes everybody’s job easier to do.

Accountability, and efficiency are gained at every turn.

From the moment the first driver turns on the ignition until the last driver signs out, CPG Fleet Management is on the job. Every mile, every stop, every vehicle and driver alert—every action is tracked, analyzed, and reported.

cpg gps telematics

Tracker ODII

Track your fleet and capture all diagnostic data. Simply plug CPG Fleet Management Tracker into the OBDII port in each vehicle-no costly installation  services are required.

GPS Fleet Management

Comprehensive, yet easy to use, end-to-end Fleet Management provides immediate insight into your operations-from safety, accountability, and driver rewards to fleet efficiency.

CPG GPS telematics

Dashcam Video

70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcam video proves it. Our camera captures road events and driver behavior, giving you a clear picture of what is happening on the road when it matters most. Working with our app to provide an integrated solution, gives delivers real benefits that help reduce risk and improve fleet safety.

CPG telematics
CPG Fleet management

Stand by your drivers- from anywhere

When every minute counts, get the story straight in just seconds, View dashcam videos from your smartphone, the instant they upload-when you need them-right in the palm of your hand.

CPG Fleet Management DriveSafe

Monitor and prevent distracted driving in your fleet vehicles to protect your business and drivers. An award-winning technology to monitor and even block drivers from using their smartphones to call, email, text, use apps or browse the web while driving.

CPG Fleet Management Coach

Combined with CPG Fleet Management’s telematics data, drivers will be assigned targeted online training videos based on their individual driving scores.

Lets Drill Down More:

The power of GPS Tracking

  • Intuitive UI
  • Live maps and status
  • Virtual ride-along
  • Geofences
  • Daily activity reports
  • Long stop alerts
  • Weather and traffic
  • TrackMe expirable link
  • Smartphone-only GPS tracking

Driver Behavior

  • Driver Scores
  • Driver rewards
  • Speeding
  • Hard braking
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Hard cornering
  • Cell phone Monitoring
  • Audible in-cab Alerts

Video Telematics

  • Live video
  • Event-driven notifications
  • Driver distraction via AI Facial recognition
  • Audible coaching
  • Visual warnings
  • 360 View

Vehicle Health

  • Check engine light
  • Vehicle fault codes
  • Maintenance reminders and alerts

Fleet Tracking App

Run your Business from Anywhere with Our App.
Optimize every shift from the field.

Driver Rewards and Gamification

CPG is committed to supporting a “safety first” environment for drivers. Our Fleet Safety Management Platform reduces risky driving behavior while rewarding drivers.

CPG is the choice for small to large Fleets