About Us

     Our objective is to provide our customers with the best products and services. Cadence Petroleum Group and our suppliers stand behind the products we offer.
     Regardless of the industry, we have solutions specifically designed to improve your business, manage and control your fueling and maintenance expenses, and decrease downtime.

     Let us be a partner in your success. We are a partner with US Bank’s Voyager Fleet Fuel Card and vehicle maintenance network, honored at 98% of all stations across the U.S. EV charging stations are even included in our vast network, allowing those fleets with electric vehicles the ability to utilize hundreds of charging stations throughout the US.

     Tracing its origins to 1947, Cadence Petroleum Group is the combination of some the largest and best-known names in lubricants, fuels and Fleet Management. Together as Cadence Petroleum Group, we bring a single-minded focus to delivering local customer service and added profitability to your business.

     Serving the automotive, commercial and industrial markets, we differentiate ourselves by understanding your needs and delivering products and solutions that bring real, measurable and lasting value to you and your customers without ever charging questionable fees.